Deconstructing Inheritance

Deconstructing Inheritance

In this talk I make a critique of Inheritance as it is present in mainstream OOP. We look from multiple points of views on the Inheritance relationship, and we show that, at a closer inspection, it doesn’t reach up to the promises it makes. The talk touches the simple problem of the Rectangle and Square, it discusses the parallel with the is-a relationship, and it shows how the Liskov Substitution Principle runs against inheritance.

The talk is based on the Overload article with the same title.

Video is available on YouTube. Slides and more information can be found here.

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Lucian Radu Teodorescu holds a PhD in programming languages, and is a Software Architect at Garmin International. He likes challenges; and understanding the essence of things (if there is one) constitutes the biggest challenge of all.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania